Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amanda Hocking: The Snowball Effect

Amanda Hocking has accomplished what every self-published author aspires to. Two years ago few people had heard of her as an author. Then she began to publish her backlog of novels on Amazon and slowly but surely they began to sell. Once she accumulated a million sells Amanda drew the attention of the media and that's when I became familiar with her name. From there the publishing houses became interested and I'm sure her sells on Amazon went up quicker (exposure equals sales). She signed a contract with a publishing house for a couple of million, plus sold book rights to her older novels, and received an offer from Hollywood to turn one of her series into a movie(s). The other day I saw her books at Target. Once a movie is made and her new books are released via her publisher she will continue to gain exposure and sales. Now if that could only happen more often.

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