Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kindle Singles

I'm currently trying my hand at some short stories that I hope will be approved into the Kindle Singles program. This program appears to be a good option for short stories or other fiction and non-fiction that is between 5,000 and 30,000 words. I appreciate Amazon giving people an opportunity to do shorter works. When was the last time a publisher published a single short story? Even from a well-known author? This is an entirely new option in the world of publishing and should you get accepted to the Kindle Singles Program it seems they help market and advertise the story just by putting it into a separate category. Furthermore, they take new authors as well as seasoned professionals like Stephen King. Another plus, you can submit concepts and ideas without writing the entire story out first. I currently have two short story concepts submitted. Amazon says they take up to four weeks to respond. Whether or not my short stories are selected I still plan on writing and publishing them. It will give me more of a base of work in the event someone finds my novel and likes it. Also, I am starting to hear quite often that people would really like to read short stories. It could be a good way to go. If I am accepted to the Kindle Singles Program I'll be sure to take stock of the sales to see if the program is beneficial, but how could it not be?

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